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At By Their Fruit, we are committed to a standard of excellence in our product as well as in customer relationship.  Our business practices are aligned with our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, and we are dedicated to serving our valued customers.

By Their Fruit is a family owned and operated business with a small, devoted staff.

Kristy Cavazos~founder:  Kristy can be found serving customers during most business hours.  The knowledge she has gained through 30 years of produce experience sets apart the product and overall experience of By Their Fruit.  Kristy understands the importance of customer relationship in small business, and she is eager to get to know you.

Roque Cavazos~cofounder: Roque can be found behind the scenes, carrying out various tasks that are essential to the smooth operation of a produce market.  When it comes to meeting a need, he is there to make it happen.

Kerry Seeley~architect of gourmet dips: Kerry is the one behind our famous salsa and hummus.  Customers come from far and wide to get a taste of these amazing dips. 

Ryan Seeley~producer of gourmet dips: Ryan can be found making batch after batch of salsa and hummus in order to keep up with the tremendous demand. 

By Their Fruit was founded in 2001 by Kristy and Roque Cavazos.  Kristy comes from a long line of produce retailers, and after many years of working in the family business, she started her own produce market. 

Our Product

By Their Fruit is famous for vine-ripe beefsteak tomatoes, salsa and hummus, Georgia peaches, and superior quality of produce in general. Unlike large supermarkets where product sits in central warehouses before reaching the shelf, our product is shipped direct three to four times a week allowing us to offer you the freshest produce around.  Ultimately, our goal at By Their Fruits is to offer the highest quality products around for the best prices possible.   To learn more about our specific products, please check out "Our Products" page.

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